Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friends are Special

Some friends are separated by time, some by pride, some by distance, but no matter how far you are and how busy you may be, you will always be "SPECIAL TO ME".


  1. Friends are indeed special. That's why sending friendship messages once in a while can make them feel loved and remembered. You can do this at least monthly.

  2. Friends are those who understand the feeling of his beloved friend and never turn out from his friendship in any type of causes.He must stay with the friend up to the end of life.jj

  3. Very nice friendship sms.
    I am sharing some of my favorite friendship sms here.

    Eyes full of tears are valuable,
    Speech of the lips is very powerful,
    A heart full of love is very beautiful,
    World without people is very scary,
    And life without a friend is very boring.